Posie Parker 


Woman, Mother, and Wife. 

Being female has shaped my life from the moment I was born, throughout girlhood, adolescence and into adulthood I am reminded of my female state of reality.  I have been fighting the trans cult for a while now, since 2015, and have been both vilified by men and women alike.  I am an outlier.  I was interviewed under caution by the police for saying it's wrong to castrate a child.

I am primarily concerned with the autonomy of girls and women, and consider the sex of someone to be immutable.  


No man or boy can ever really know what it is like to be female.  Female is not a state of mind.  

I now find myself in the middle of a huge fight in the right to free speech having clawed myself out of the left. 

I haven't updated this page too much since being cast out by women on 

the left, but I have nothing left to lose....... 

You can see some of my activities on 

This site is very out of date and will be updated over the next few days