Who am I?

I am a mother of four children, most now teens, and am married to my wonderful husband who I have been with for 21 years.  About five years ago I stumbled head on into this trans debate, I made the mistake of asking a man in women's clothing whether or not he really "identified as a woman".... I may as well asked if he thought I should pop over and beat up his mother.  Not only did he go crazy at me, but a huge audience of super woke leftie women left to his defence.

I have put a billboard up with the dictionary definition of the word woman, which was removed for being hateful; Edinburgh buses refused to put the definition on a bus, Waitrose mysteriously escaped a billboard outside of one of their London stores, I have illuminated the National Gallery, The Royal Opera House and the BBC with the definition, supporters across the country have put t-shirts on statues and stickers anywhere they will stick.... it's a beautifully organic campaign. 

Over the last few years I have been interviewed under caution twice for saying that transitioning children is child abuse.  I've had my main Facebook account disabled, my IP address is permanently banned from twitter for saying men cannot be women, I am banned from Mumsnet for refusing to use the pronoun "they", I have been vilified in global press for asking a man some questions about his advocacy obliterating women's rights, I have organised many talks from Washington DC to the House of Lords. I am one of the most well known people in this pushback against the trans assault of women and children's rights.  



I run a global campaign called