Fighting For Free Speech “The ordinary woman” 




As usual I got up had a nice relaxing coffee before the noise of the morning began, ushering my kids into shoes and out of the house ensuring each had enough food to fuel their day of learning, metaphorically whipping them into the car and dropping at their respective schools.  All this before I can think about my liberty and how I have been used in ludicrous political debates.  Both ideological, one is whether encouraging children to transition is abusive and the other the right to free speech.  I’ve reminded myself repeatedly since being contacted by the police that this really is 2018 and not 1984.  I’ve laughed at the nature of these events, the fact that the police are wasting time with me as opposed to using their time to investigate the hundreds of cases of child grooming and child rape in their jurisdiction.  It’s not so funny really, it’s pretty horrific.  


Since being routinely silenced in my own political home, the left, I find myself more interested in other points of view.  I won’t abandon my fundamental beliefs which seem to feel more at home on the left but this free speech thing is really beginning to eat away at how comfortable I feel hanging my hat in this totalitarian space.  It seems the choice I have is to support the decimation of the poorest or my right to free speech, or the third option is to create my own political party or lobby. 


I launched my Crowdfunder yesterday after numerous people telling me that they support me and want to contribute, a fair few suggesting I should “strike whilst the iron is hot”.  In half a day I’ve raised £4000 and collected another 500 followers on twitter.  Clearly people are feeling the importance of this, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people things they do not want to hear.” Orwell. It’s not the debate SJWs are having in bars they seem to want to stop people’s right to free speech on the basis of feeling.  I don’t think I even buy they hold such beliefs but moreover that they have been raised to think society should revolve around them as opposed to them being part of a decent functioning society.  


Over the few last months and years I have witnessed friends being no platformed, writers having commissions cancelled and even myself being deceived by a TV station who promised a balanced program on the issue of transing kids.  I have had a ring side seat to abuses against women I couldn’t have imagined 4 years ago.  Venice Allan and Jennifer James being treated appallingly by the Labour party, interrogations akin to Stalinist Russia, odious thought police styled interviews about things they’ve uttered on social media.  The left is enforcing a mantra that “trans women are women” and any deviation from that nonsensical view means you are no longer welcome.  Women’s events are being labelled as hateful and the lies propagated about their content and intent, by trans activists, is nothing short of incredible and completely unchallenged by any “liberals”.  They seem to either pretend it isn’t happening or agree that women talking about women’s sex based protections is like a sinister Malitia hell bent on encouraging suicide and the murder of transwomen.  



This isn’t just about transgender ideology though, this could be any ideology, this could be yours, this could be something you feel strongly about or even something you repeat.  I’m an ordinary woman, I haven’t got a large platform, I don’t have an important career, I don’t have the ear of power, I am nobody and yet I’m every one of us.  



   “I am not fighting for my kingdom and wealth now. I am fighting as an ordinary person for my lost freedom, my bruised body, and my outraged daughters.”  Boudicca