Statement on my tweets and WPUK

I would first like to thank all the women, and some men, who have sent messages of support.  It's been quite overwhelming. 

Late on Tuesday evening I received a private message on twitter from one the organisers of WPUK, it was brief and included words like religion and race and a desire to rescind my invitation to speak at their event in Cornwall.  WPUK do great work for women on the left and if they feel I'm not a good fit then that's entirely up to them.  However I was rather shocked at the insinuation of being racist and wondered what "religious" views really meant.  I had had a facebook conversation only that day discussing issues with silence around trans activism and Islam on the left, both falling foul to "phobias".  

Wednesday morning I awoke very very early, I was wondering how I could best be ejected from WPUK without damaging the movement as a whole.  It seems I was alone in my concern as WPUK issued a damning statement that has really opened myself and the entire movement to the most horrific abuse.  You would have to be spectacularly stupid to not foresee these consequences. 

Around the same time I had allowed my temper to get the better of me and tweet an off the cuff comment to a trans activist on the day of the Irish abortion result.  The activist was one of many talking about abortion being a cis privilege and exclusionary for transwomen and transmen.  "Women who think they're men should be sterilised" I think this was an aggressive, but in context, tweet.  As I, obviously, don't support eugenics or forced sterilisation I didn't anticipate it would be used to suggest I held these views.  I understand that there are some extreme sensitivities around the suggestion of sterilisation and I had not intended to flare up any of those.  I guess I was pretty stupid to think these words would not be taken as read or, worse, even more weight to be put upon them.  I believe in a woman's complete autonomy over her reproduction.  

As for the other, more tenuous, tweets on my views on Islam or any religion let me be clear.  I am a feminist and an anti theist.  Those two belief systems do not mix well with women's oppression within patriarchal religions. 

There have also been various screen shots of facebook comments which are trying to paint me as a lesbophobic woman, one comment was me responding to being called a breeder.  I am fully aware of the sidelining and abuse that lesbians receive from all sides in our society and I would never wish to add to that.  

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me via usual places.